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About The Heir

Natasha Jarmon

Natasha Young Jarmon, also known as Chef Heir, is the owner and proprietor of Heirlooms Cakes and Catering. She was also the former owner of Sweet Embellishments Cakery and Dessert Bar. Chef Heir, a name she is affectionately called, is for the heirloom recipes passed down from her grandmothers. Natasha wears many hats as a Personal and Private Chef, Cake Artist, and Caterer.

Private celebrity clients have included Activist and Original King of Comedy D L Hugley and. Comedian and Actor Clint Cooley.

She appears occasionally on KWTX Channel 10 with Julie Hayes as their guest chef. She enjoys cooking for her Heirloom Foodies and hosting private dinner parties. Chef Heir also enjoys hosting cake decorating classes for all ages and parties. Her “Real Man Can Cook” class is where she instructs men that go through the basics of a well-planned and cooked meal.

She enjoys giving back and cooking with children too. Natasha has over 25 years cooking professionally. She is a graduate of Douglas Woodward Professional Cake Decorating School. She is an uncaged chef who attended Le Chef Culinary Arts School. Her specialty is Her foodies enjoy her knack for bringing a twist to the old with something new. An example of that is her Gumbo Gravy and Heirloom Soul Roll. We know chef Heir for her over the top cake designs along with her moist signature Wedding White Cake. Chef Heir is a 5th generation Texan by choice and an adopted Waco native for over 40 years. She has been married for 27 years to her husband James. They reside in Waco, Texas. They have 2 sons, Stefan and Hunter. Chef Heir’s passion has led her to write an upcoming cookbook about her favorite holiday times with her family past and present. These times have been the most fulfilling and rewarding in her life which has molded her to finally come to her calling as a Personal Chef.

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